Our Studio

Moving Body opened in the desert in 2006.  We saw there was a real need in the Palm Springs area for an embracing and safe facility that allowed women the freedom to reconnect with themselves in a way that had been forgotten.  In our studio we love to see the transformations that happen within every one of our participants.  A form of dance that had been dubbed as taboo in the past is now emerging as a full-blown empowering movement for women.  It’s fascinating to see what happens when a woman learns how to tap into her erotic DIVA, in no time at all she sky rockets with confidence in every step she takes from there on out.  You might ask if this is something you can really experience from a dance class, and our answer is, yes. After just one class you will notice those embers in your soul lighting up once again.


Our studio has become a very popular site for private party groups looking to spend the weekend in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area.  We host bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, if you can think of it we’ve probably seen it.  We also offer on-going classes in a 5 week session format. Please look at our “classes” & “parties” pages for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you in our studio soon.

Leave Your Age, Size, and Inhibitions at the Door…